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Strategies for You to Build Financial Wealth

Plan your work, work your plan – share your harvest!

Congratulations and thank you for visiting my site. You have begun the process to take control of your financial future. It’s not a question of if, but when, we have another downturn. The bottom line is: Are you prepared to ride another one out? I teach different strategies and systems if the market goes up down or sideways. In this introduction video, some of my students and I describe my approach and how Eye on the Market can help build financial wealth for you and your family!


David O. England TeachingWeekly market reports, online training courses, annual playbook, earnings run play report and more (silver package) — plus the option for personal, one-on-one coaching (gold package).
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Classes and Seminars

eom_academy_200x125In my Financial Friday Lecture Series, I will share my market outlook, teach strategies for YOU to build financial wealth and help take the stress out of trading and investing. Full-day sessions enrolling now.
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EOM Network

David Radio
I have established the EOM network to deliver my unique brand of market analysis and guidance through a variety of media channels — radio, newspaper columns, the web, and more.
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